Symbol ynanhluutr
“Or... maybe... perhaps maybe...” Bard gestured. “The role of Austraeoh is to defy the rules of Destiny... break out of yer restrictions and throw your colors outside the lines.” He squinted. “Maybe that's just the sort of 'purpose' you've been needin' to find yerself 'within' all this time.”
- Ynanhluutr, "A Back Trot for Every Blessing"

Ynanhluutr is the seventh symbol encountered in Rainbow's journey. It was first seen inside the machine world beneath Nealend, where Theanim was able to capture a photograph of it.

The symbol consists of six small circles encompassed by a seventh larger circle. As Rainbow discovers more of the spirits of her friends, the small circles light up with their corresponding color.

Etymology Edit

The meaning of the word could be "From Within or Inside (innan)" and "Piece, Thing or Purpose (hlutr)". This could be "From Within, Purpose" representing Dash seeing the Symbols thus giving her purpose and driving her forward. It could also translate as "Piece from Within" representing the other Mane 6 being inside the Loyalty Pendant, or perhaps the fact they are inside the Machine World and connected to the flames. The unofficial book cover translates it as "Inner Purpose"

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