"I just throw together a bunch of words starting with consonants and add 'trentte' and 'dreit' and 'Xon-Nagu'n' at random! So long as you're confident with the bullcrap..."
- Yaerfaerda ch. 42

Xonan is the language spoken by Dalen, Arcshod, Lasairfon, and most native Xonans in the story. Like their society, the language itself is divided into 3 castes; the "Royal" variant, the "Warrior" variant, and the "Common" variant.

The etymology of the Xonan language is indistinct, and for the most part is simply a made-up pseudolanguage by the author. This is evidenced by the very small number of bitexts which would allow methodical translation. The rest is seemingly random fragments whose meaning can only be implied from context, which sound something like "Nahkk dren dien, poorj habb bleen!".


Khao mentions that the "Xonans are the oldest civilized equines to live in this area", and therefore much of their language is shared with the language of the Angels[1].

"If the old texts are to believed, it would appear that Xona had one singular language before they became a militaristic monarchy....It was the decision of Burrowhoof, the first king of Xona, to assign language to each class of ponies.  The laboring class kept the common language.  The language of neighboring kingdoms' aristocracy was used to command the Xonan army.  Finally, a dead language from an arcane religion was used for diplomacy and regal ceremony.  By creating a pyramid hierarchy of languages, the king was able to exert his command over the seperate sects of living.  It might explain why Xona today remains so formidably powerful.  They've been following a rigid system for nearly twice as long as the Maretriarchal Confederacy."


Oss Tray Oh The spark
dreit or dre't a confirmation; yes
Xon-Nagu'n Blessed by Nagu'n
drenna death or killing
kera clover[2]
Ledomul / Ledomulien Ledomare / Ledomaritan
mul mare
Searen Searonese[3]
trent or trentte this appears to be some sort of insult and/or means "horse"; used for ponies who are not Xonan
vree true
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