(Griffon Harmonica Solo)
- Ynanhluutr, "There'll Be No Sunsets For Us"

Wildcard is a mute griffon and partner-in-crime with Bard. He wears black-lensed goggles and communicates exclusively with hand gestures. He has a prehensile tail and his left arm is manatech prosthetic.

His real name is Jordan. Years ago, he was a member of the Right Talon of Verlaxion, and a close friend of Keris. The two of them made a blood oath to fight by each other's side until death, with Keris swearing by his wings, and Jordan by his voice. During a dangerous mission of some sort, Jordan was lost and presumed dead. At some future time, he appeared in Wyvern Point gravely wounded, along with Bard who had saved his life. From his contact with the Wyverns and with Mortuana, he learned of the true nature of Verlax and of the lore surrounding the Herald of Angels. His wounded arm was replaced with a prosthetic designed by Flynn.

During his time with the Wyverns he was trained by Remna, eventually attaining a position as one of the Sacred Seven. He has taken it upon himself to search for the Austraeoh and protect them by any means. Thereafter, when he crossed paths with Rainbow Dash, he silently took it upon himself to guard her at all times, reluctant to leave her undefended even following the events at the Quade.

Bard describes him as originally being heartless and selfish, but over the years he has become wiser and gentler, fighting with great skill if necessary, but always acting with judgment and confidence.

His character borrows many aspects from "Noir", the main character of one of the author's earlier works These Black Eyes. This character is described as "a massive Gary Stu". Mute characters in general are a common theme in the author's earlier writings.