"If you'll be needing me - which I assume you won't - I'll be in the hangar, doing maintenance on Whiz-grrghhhhhhgraaaaaugh... on the Lounge transport"
- Urohringr, "The Tower of West Durandana"

Whizzball is the nickname for a manaship built by the Lounge. It is a small, spherical flying ship, glossy black in color, with one hatch and seating room for about 3 ponies, primary used for transport. It is not armed with any weapons (verify). Roarke became its owner shortly after the destruction of Stratopolis and the ensuing confrontation with the Lounge. It resides in the Jury's hanger bay and is very useful for scouting missions.

The nickname "Whizzball" was first given by Zaid, and stuck despite Roarke's most infuriated resentment.

It was destroyed by mana interference while flying over the Lemuel Tundra, when Josho, EE, and Booster rescued King Lunarius.

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