Symbol urohringr

The symbol of Urohringr

Urohringr is one of the symbols which appears throughout the series. It first appears in the story on the outside of a sealed door inside Stratopolis.


Hringr is Old Norse for 'ring'. The true meaning of 'uro' is unknown, but uro is Norwegian for unrest or disturbance. The Xonan foals in Nightshade Tower spoke of Urohringr as simply "the Ring"[1]. It has also been stylized as "Ring of Fate".


Urohringr is the world in which the Austraeoh series takes place. The Ring was once whole, but was broken into twelve pieces long before the beginning of the series, in an event called the Sundering.

"What..."  Rainbow pointed at faint squiggly lines between the solid rings.  "...are these supposed to represent?"

    "We suspect an magical forrm of illumination.  Much like the sun and moon that the alicorrns have prrovided, but farr morre delicately manipulated.  It would appearr as though they dwelt in constant suspension between the habitats, prroviding warrmth and enerrgy for those who dwelt within each segment of the cylinderrs—facing or not facing."[2]
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