“I answer your call, Ultimo! I answer it with a mighty shout and the blood of the Queen of all Seas! Hah hah hah haaaah!” He beat his chest and braced himself for the inevitable deluge. “Give me your best, brother!”
- Ynanhluutr ch. 42

Ultimo is a huge, mysterious sea serpent who inhabits the waters around Nealend Atoll. The natives hunt it for sport but have failed to kill it, out of a combination of respect and inability.

Ultimo appeared suddenly in the Atoll several months ago, and immediately bit off a piece of the Shard of Verlaxion that was there. Since then, he has been stalking the nearby waters, attacking any boat that comes near. However, once Rainbow Dash is able to remove the broken shard from his mouth, he becomes docile and apparently understands her spoken request for him to return to the ocean. It is implied that while the shard was in his mouth, he was at least partially under Verlaxion's control.

When Rainbow Dash and party were confronted by the Syndicate mob inside the royal tombs, Ultimo returned suddenly to provide a deus-ex-machina resolution to the whole mess, swallowing everyone whole and spitting them back out in safety. It is apparent that he was under Camellia's control at this time.

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