This page is an attempt to derive a cohesive timeline from the story. Luna's monthly checkin is a perfect way to measure time here. The rest is mostly guesswork. Dates are given in terms of the "Harmonic Era", which is measured relative to the creation of the Elements of Harmony.


Untold Ages BHE - The Sundering

"Shortly after" - The Divine Five are hatched

The "First Hatching" mentioned by Merula would have been here

~100,000 BHE - Alicorns discover the plane of Urohringr and bring light to it

~30,000 BHE - Endrax departs for the dark side of the world. Verlax follows shortly after

"Tens of thousands" BHE - Verlax's reign over Rohbredden is speculated to begin[1]. However, most other sources list it as being within the last few generations. This extreme number is assumed to be a doctrinal exaggeration which Seraphimus accepts as fact, just like how Kim Jong Il golfs 27 under par.

~11,000 BHE - Celestia and Luna's most recent visit to the edge of the world

~10,000 BHE - Celestia and Luna begin their dominion over Equestria

~10,000 BHE - Darkreach was built by Alicorns beyond the world's edge

~1400 BHE - The kingdom of Xona is organized under Burrowhoof

~1000 + "several centuries" BHE - The corrupted alicorns Tchern, Chrysalis, and Sombra rebel and are cast out; they take ponies with them in various ways[2]

~1000+ BHE - Chaos Wars against Discord

~1000+ BHE - The Crystal Empire is sunk (in the show's canon)

1000 BHE - Princess Luna is banished. The Dark Vigil begins and Sarosians migrate to the Dark Side.

The memory of Vy'lyssa presumably happens around this time, which would mark this as when the Midnight Armory was sealed. However, there is no guarantee of this.

~700 BHE - Windthrow is founded

~700 BHE - Queen Whitemane, as a foal, visits the edge of the world

Somewhere around here is likely the true time that Verlax gains power in Rohbredden, according to multiple references in Ynanhluutr[3]. Lumina is sunk and the six tribes are unified.

~600 BHE - Mortuana confronts Verlax at the Starkiss and is mortally wounded.[4]

~500 BHE - Caribou dominated the nation of Bethlem, where the present-day Confederacy is located

??? Many generations BHE - Cylindrimane is overthrown by General Darkstine of the Holy Theological Army[5]

~500 BHE - The House of Evo is founded in Val Roa. King Cecil and Queen Miriam rule. The Unknown Five arrive there after crossing the Grand Choke.

~300 BHE - Ponies began inhabiting the land of the Confederacy

~300 BHE - Verlax enforces censorship which eliminates all knowledge of the Six Seeds

~250 BHE - Zaidmare Genocidal Era - Caribou are exterminated from the Confederacy

"Decades ago" - Chrysalis leaves Rohbredden and begins building power in Val Roa and the west.

~15 BHE - The Tarkington crashes in Stratopolis

Sept, 10 BHE - Windigoes attack the home of Seraphimus[6]

~5 BHE - Ledo's Pride crashes in Mountainfall, leading to Pilate and Belle being injured and meeting each other[7].

Duke Floyd disappears from Val Roa and is presumed dead.

0 HE - Princess Luna returns. Elements of Harmony are re-assembled.

Main Story TimelineEdit

March, 1 HE - Discord returns, is destroyed by Rainbow Dash. Chaos Rift forms in Ponyville. Rainbow Dash leaves within a week.

March, 1 HE - Start of Austraeoh

April, 1 HE - Call with Luna in Windthrow ("Luna")

May, 1 HE - Call with Luna (and later Celestia) in Silvadel ("Moonlight")

  • Both times, Luna mentions that the Apple family had a good harvest, which would be impossible if it's spring (unless Rainbow flew east for many months before the beginning of Austraeoh).

9 month gap between Austraeoh and Eljunbyro

Gold Petals reaches Ponyville[8]

March, 2 HE - Call with Luna (and later Scootaloo) after Blue Shelf in Eljunbyro ("Princess Luna")

- No full moon during Innavedr, which spans only 3 days

- Three weeks pass between the end of Innavedr and the beginning of Odrsjot

April, 2 HE - Call with Luna in beginning of Odrsjot ("Momentary Lapse Of Reason")

May, 2 HE - Call with Luna in beginning of Urohringr ("The Two Ponies You Slap"). Note that conditions are freezing cold during this time. This may be attributed mostly to latitude and the influence of Stratopolis (see Frozen Sea).

June, 2 HE - Full moon near middle of Urohringr, in Durandana (mentioned in "From First Light to Last"). Rainbow missed it because she had the Sword of Solstice and was able to contact Celestia and Luna at any time.

- 2 months pass before the beginning of Yaerfaerda while the Noble Jury tours Val Roa

September, 2 HE - Call with Luna near beginning of Yaerfaerda ("A Penultimate Decision To Be Made")

October, 2 HE - Full moon during Grand Choke, during antimagic field ("A Fool Who Plays It Cool")

November, 2 HE - Call with Luna & Celestia at the KMCA in beginning of Ynanhluutr.

December, 2 HE - Full moon immediately after the Shoggoth arc ("A Conference Held about Holding Conferences")

- Between one and two weeks are spent in the Quade and for the duration of the Penitent Sacrament of Anchorage.

- Two weeks pass between Ynanhluutr and Utaan[9]

January, 3 HE - Full moon while in Seed Prefecture, just before Kunmane.

Somewhere around here - Canterlot Austraeoh Association is founded

Full moons stop being counted after the Twilight Lands, which makes this tricky.

February? 3 HE - There were several weeks of travel east from Starkiss while Rainbow was delirious, a few days at Bleak's Plummet, and then the Dark Side

A few days to reach Darkreach

March? 3 HE - Five weeks spent in Darkreach

April? 3 HE - Several more weeks traveling yeast from Darkreach to the Spindlers

Rainbow hallucinates on spider drugs for 2 weeks[10]

June? 3 HE - Kepler estimates 3.5 months between arriving at Darkreach and the point of Ofolrodi ch. 207.

Detailed Timeline Edit

Austraeoh Edit

  • Day 1: chapters 1 - 4
  • Day 2: chapters 5 - 11. Rainbow Dash ventures into a cave or quarry eels and narrowly escapes.
  • Day 3: chapters 12 - 13
  • Day 4: chapters 14 - 19. Rainbow follows the trail of the Windthrow caravan and meets up with them in the evening.
  • Day 5: chapters 20 - 30. The caravan arrives in Windthrow after a misadventure with a hydra.
  • Night after day 5: chapters 31 - 37. Full moon. After talking to Luna, Rainbow talks to Gold Petals (learning her true name). They are then attacked by chaos monsters.
  • Day 6: chapters 38 - 52. Rainbow visits the Windthrow mines and sees the Austraeoh symbol on the wall. In the evening, Rockspot is kidnapped by a chaos monster and Rainbow follows it, receiving a boost from Luna.
  • Day 7 (possibly 2-3 days): chapters 53 - 87. Rainbow rescues the prisoners in the minotaurs' camp and they return to Windthrow through the machine world, where a final battle with chaos monsters happens. In the evening, Rainbow talks with Luna for the third night, shares a kiss with Gold Petals and then flees Windthrow.
    • Some passages seem to suggest that the underground journey took several days. It can't have been too long though, since Rainbow was still able to talk to Luna afterwards.
  • Day 8: chapters 88 - 91.
  • Day 9: chapters 92 - 93.
  • Day 10: chapters 93 - 95.
  • Day 11: chapters 96 - 103. Rainbow is almost eaten by a dragon in a cave while hiding from a blizzard; she escapes by taking off her pendant.
  • Day 12: chapters 104 - 108. Arrival to Ridgeside, Emeraldine.
  • Day 13: chapters 109 - 111. In Ridgeside.
  • Day 14: chapter 112. In Ridgeside. Mayor Evergreen states "Miss Dash will be early tomorrow evening" (sic), meaning the next chapter takes place the following day.
  • Day 15: chapters 113 - 114. Leaving Ridgeside.
  • Chapter 114 spans three days (15 - 17).
  • Day 17: chapters 114 - 123, flashback in 125. Rainbow arrives at Verdestone, capital of Emeraldine; she meets Steelteeth and Queen Whitemane.
  • Day 18: chapters 124 - 128. Rainbow and Steelteeth fly to New Ring, Darkstine on a recyclable airplane and meet Governor Mintelle.
  • Day 19: chapters 129 - 145. Rainbow and Steelteeth meet Flower Gears. As night falls, Rainbow goes off to save Flower Gears' brother and eventually defeats Duke Zaap Nator.
  • Day 20: chapters 146 - 147. Rainbow leaves New Ring and flies east through Darkstine, arriving to Cold Canter's desert outpost by night.
  • Day 21: chapters 148 - 153. Rainbow is discovered by Desert Light and Cold Canter. She investigates the skeleton on the other side of the ravine.
  • Day 22: chapters 154 - 155. Rainbow begins flying across the desert, taking a sound stone to keep in touch with Cold Canter.
  • Day 24: chapters 156 - 157. We know a day has passed in the meantime: "The flight ahead was identical to the previous thirty-six hours." Rainbow has been flying across a featureless desert. She comes across a sandstorm in the evening, flying above it.
  • Day 25 (possibly more days): chapters 157 - 164. In the morning, Rainbow descends into the sandstorm to sleep. When she wakes (in daylight), "She couldn't tell how much time had passed.  It most likely was just eight hours, but for some reason she felt as though two days had gone by." She flies onward and reaches and explores the ruins of Silvadel.
  • Day 26: chapter 164. Rainbow reaches the smog-covered capital of Silvadel.
  • Day 27 (possibly more days): chapters 165 - 179. Full moon. In chapter 165, Cold Canter states "It will be a complete full moon in about two and a half nights". Rainbow discovers a temple filled with dead ponies and is attacked by dragons, losing her sound stone. She is saved by surfacing Silvadelians and taken to the Sanctuary. At night, she talks to Luna in the "glow chambers", who asks "Wouldst thou have an explanation for thy silent air over the last two evenings?". This combined with Cold Canter's quote indicates that Rainbow has spent a couple of days in the Sanctuary, although there is no mention of her sleeping during that time.
  • This is at least 22 days accounted for between the two full moons. Possibly there are times where more days could have passed between scenes. For example, perhaps there was an additional day (or more) in Ridgeside, between chapters 108 (where it's night, and Rainbow suggests painting roofs) and chapter 109 (where she is painting a roof, presumably the following morning).
  • Day 27: chapters 180 - 193. Silvadel's council allows Rainbow to go talk to Axan. As night falls, she goes to her lair together with Ember Speak, where Celestia attemps unsuccessfully to reason with her. At the same time, Axan sends her brood to attack the Sanctuary.
  • Day 28: chapters 194 - 200. The surviving Silvadelians prepare to leave for the Inner Sanctum. Rainbow talks to Luna and Celestia once more (chapter 196 - it is unclear if it's still the same night or the next one already). She takes the death water bomb to Axan's lair, destroying her hoard and saving Silvadel, and is gravely injured by Axan before she recognises Rainbow as Austraeoh.

Eljunbyro Edit

  • Day 1: chapters 1-7. Bellesmith has been working in the facility for twelve days straight. In her sequencing session, she sees various memories from Austraeoh. The sequencing goes somewhat out of control and Belle loses consciousness as Dalton pulls her out. She is then interrogated by professor Garnet.
  • Day 2: chapters 8-22. Belle sees memories of Rainbow Dash's first meetings with each of the other element bearers. She learns Rainbow's name for the first time. In the last memory, the Eljunbyro symbols appear to her, which she reports to Garnet. She is allowed seven days on the surface. She and Pilate have a campfire with their neighbors, where Belle has an intense emotional reaction to seeing a red apple. In her sleep, Belle has her first vision of Whitemane, who tells her to "bring the wind to Austraeoh".
  • Day 3: chapters 23-26. In the morning, the villagers have to pose for some officials visiting Blue Shelf. Felicity charges some manacrystals for O.A.S.I.S. Suddenly some enforcers show up and announce Belle's vacation is cancelled and she must return to the facility immediately. In the facility, Belle meets Shell for the first time. As Belle goes into sequencing, she is contacted by Whitemane again, who explains that Belle must bring about "Eljunbyro", the next phase of Austraeoh's journey.
  • Days 3-7: while Belle has this vision, she is actually plugged in and out of sequencing over a dozen times for five days, being unresponsive in the real world. During this time, Shell removes Garnet to the Black Level.
  • Day 7: chapters 28-30. Belle awakens. She reports the name "Austraeoh" to Shell. Shell takes her to the machine world door, which Belle is unable to open; however, she does see lavender light and glyphs invisible to others on the wall. The wall's magic makes Belle lose consciousness.
  • Days 7-9: chapters 31-34. While unconscious, Belle experiences Rainbow's memories of the days immediately after the Grand Galloping Gala (up to Discord's escape from confinement). She is also briefly contacted by Whitemane. In the real world, enforcers return the unconscious Belle to her and Pilate's home. Meanwile, Placid and Felicity and some other willages are taken to the Black Level.
  • Day 9: chapters 35-41. Belle and Pilate discuss Belle's visions. They discover the Austraeoh and Eljunbyro symbols and related prophecies in the Book of Earth owned by Great Stare and Little Breath. As Belle goes to sleep, she dreams of Rainbow talking to Applejack before entering Discord's maze.
  • Day 10: chapters 42-44. Belle wakes up channelling Rainbow Dash's personality. She challenges Baxter to a race to the manafences. Belle, Pilate, Baxter and Kenna are arrested by the enforcers for trespassing, but they are let go when the enforcers learn Belle is involved with the Aridstone pegasus project. At home, Belle is contacted by Whitemane and loses consciousness again.
  • Chapters 45-52: Belle is unconscious for an unknown number of days, having visions of the death of Rainbow's friends and her destruction of Discord. Meanwhile, Pilate is forcibly taken to the facility two days before Belle's awakening, with villagers told that he left on a zeppelin.
  • Day 13(?): chapters 53-55. Belle wakes up in an empty home and learns that Pilate is gone. Kenna and Baxter are taken to the Black Level (they think they'll be taken to another town). Shell visits Belle in her home; Belle falls into Whitemane's visions once again after talking to him and figuring out he has Pilate in captivity.
  • Chapters 56-74: unknown number of days again. Belle has her final visions, of Rainbow's friends' funeral and Rainbow setting off for her eastward journey. Finally, Whitemane tells her to free Rainbow from the facility. Grinder cares for and feeds Belle while she's unconscious. Great Stare and Little Breath are taken to the Black Level during this time, and they along with Kenna, Baxter and many others are killed in Department Blue (Baxter and Kenna two days before Rainbow's awakening).

Since we lost the exact count of days during Belle's last two unconscious periods, we start the count again on the day Rainbow is freed.

  • Day 1: chapters 75-105. Belle and Grinder infiltrate the facility, freeing Pilate and Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash activates the machine world, destroying the Blue Shelf facility. Shell narrowly escapes. During sunset, the former captives of the facility flee on boats, while Belle, Pilate and Rainbow head east.
  • Days 2-4: The trio hike across the wilderness.
  • Night after day 4: chapters 106-109. Full moon. Rainbow talks to Luna, learning that ten months have passed from the fight against Axan.
  • Day 5: chapters 110-116. in the morning, the trio attempt to buy supplies in a small town of Green Slope province. The local alcoholic enforcer Josho tries to arrest them; before they escape, Rainbow hits him in the horn with the O.A.S.I.S. sphere, causing Josho to hear the trio at a distance through magical feedback. At night, Rainbow talks to Luna again.
  • Day 6: chapters 117-128. Shell (now wearing a prosthetic after Dash broke his forehoof) has been provided with the zeppelin Steel Wing and has picked up Josho, who helps him locate the three fugitives. Rainbow enters a cave to find crystals to recharge O.A.S.I.S. She finds a pegasus skeleton with a book containing the Innavedr symbol. The trio are attacked, at the same time, by a giant centipede from the cave and glider pilots from the Steel Wing. They escape to Foxtaur forest. At night, they have a last conversation with Luna, and Rainbow gets to talk with Scootaloo.
  • Day 7: chapters 129-158. The trio meet Eagle Eye, Crimson, Phoenix and Zenith. They discover and break Pilate's connection with Josho, but not before the Steel Wing locates them and begins shelling their camp. The party are also attacked by stampeding timberwolves. Rainbow provides a distraction to lure off the managliders, while the others escape to Site Beta. Just as the Steel Wing is about to shoot down Rainbow, Roarke arrives and distracts them, having learned of the bounty on Rainbow earlier in the day in a tavern. Rainbow falls unconscious in the forest. Belle, Pilate and the mercenaries spend the night at Site Beta, where Pilate studies the ancient symbols on the walls, while Zenith begins to consider selling out Rainbow to get amnesty from Ledomare.
    • In chapter 154, Pilate claims that Rainbow found the pegasus skeleton "a few days ago"; it was actually in the previous day.
  • Day 8: chapters 159-185. In the morning, Roarke captures the party (except Eagle Eye) as bait to lure out Rainbow. Rainbow arrives and manages to defeat her after a long fight, leaving her tied up in the forest. Shell, after communing with an impatient Council of Ledo, orders Foxtaur to be burnt down at nightfall. Rainbow saves Roarke's life and frees her so she can escape the bombardment. The party hides in a cave from the shelling. Zenith contacts Shell, who is teleported into the cave by Josho. Shell kills Zenith and orders Phoenix to lead the rest of the group to him. Phoenix, Belle and Pilate are taken to the Steel Wing; Crimson and Eagle Eye attack Shell, which allows Rainbow to fly off after Belle and Pilate.
  • Morning of day 9: chapters 186-200. As the sun rises, Crimson and Eagle Eye are fighting Shell and Josho. Crimson loses a forehoof and Shell pushes him into the Sapphire Ravine. He does the same to Josho and Eagle Eye when Josho refuses to kill Eagle Eye. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash follows the Steel Wing to save Belle and Pilate and engages in an air battle with managlider pilots. Shell himself arrives at the Steel Wing; he pushes Pilate down from the ship and orders Belle and Phoenix taken to Pale Shelf on transport ships. Rainbow arrives and fights Shell and Filta; her left wing is injured, but she is saved by Roarke. The Steel Wing is heavily damaged in the fight. Everyone survives their falls: Josho and Eagle Eye thanks to Josho's teleportation; Pilate is caught by Floydien's magic. Crimson also survives somehow, cauterizes his stub, and follows Roarke (whom he saw taking Rainbow) on a managlider.

Innavedr Edit

We continue counting the days from Rainbow's awakening in Blue Shelf.

  • Day 9: chapters 1-12
    • In her ship, Roarke cares for Rainbow's injured wing, fits her into a suit of armor, and heads southeast for Searo.
    • Belle and Phoenix are being flown north as prisoners on managliders. At sunset, Phoenix manages to grab an axe from Rainbow's saddlebag which Belle is carrying; eventually they kill all enforcers and crashland in a forest. Belle leaves Phoenix, being angry at his earlier betrayal. At night, Belle discovers that the Innavedr symbol in the book is glowing and pointing towards Blue Nova.
    • Pilate was caught by Floydien's magic when he fell from the Steel Wing. He wakes up in Floydien's wagon, which Floydien is drawing north. He thinks the O.A.S.I.S. sphere is lost, doesn't understand much of Floydien's talk, and is exhausted.
    • Josho and Eagle Eye fall unconcious after Josho uses teleportation to break their fall. When they wake up, they've been captured by the Killas, who force them to work in a sapphire quarry along with hundreds of other slaves.
    • Crimson flies after Roarke on a managlider, but eventually falls unconcious and crashes in Aurum next to the home of Tweak's family of crystal ponies, who take him in and care for him. He wakes up at night and talks to Tweak.
    • Shell orders Filta to dismantle the Steel Wing's communication array for its mana conductor, to speed up repairing the ship.
  • Day 10: chapters 13-31.
    • Rainbow and Roarke arrive to Searo in the morning. Roarke disguises Rainbow as a half-blade and they head to meet Imre, meeting Roarke's rival Terra on the way. Imre sedates Rainbow and begins operating on her wing. Imre tells Roarke that Lady Pestiferous wants to see her.
    • Belle heads east towards Blue Nova. Phoenix follows her at a distance without her knowing. In the evening, she tries to steal food from some camping stallions who work for Madame Nightshade, but she is caught and a fight breaks out. Belle is saved by Phoenix, and they agree to stay together.
    • Floydien and Pilate reach a zeppelin mooring tower guarded by enforcers. Floydien uses the O.A.S.I.S. sphere (which he had taken from Pilate) to knock out the enforcers. They take the zeppelin and head for Blue Nova. Pilate also gets acquainted with Simon.
    • Josho and Eagle Eye continue to to slave away for the Killas, the crystals' magic making Eagle weak. Josho eventually gets fed up and attacks the Killas; they manage to kill a number of the diamond dogs and escape with the help of Josho's teleportation. During the escape, they fall down a cliff, still bound together by enchanted manacles. (The following events are narrated by Eagle in chapters 62-63). Josho nearly drowns, but Eagle saves him; Josho is unconscious until the next day. Eagle uses smoke signals to attract a group of rams and earth ponies, who promise them safe passage and take them along on various modes of transportation, ultimately loading them on a train car. They have actually been sold to fox privateers, to be sold as prisoners to Xonans.
    • Tweak's family and Crimson have breakfast together. Aeterna attacks Aurum; Crimson uses his managlider's core to attack her and she is captured. At sunset, Crimson and Tweak investigate Aeterna's airship. They discover that the crystal ponies' glow can disable the metal mares' manatechnology.
  • Day 11: chapters 32 - 80
    • The crystal ponies and Crimson attack Searo's Hold using Aeterna's ship, meeting up with Rainbow Dash and Imre inside (who were forced to battle in an arena before the attack happened). The battle concludes with Roarke killing Top Spear Pestiferous and abandoning Searo. Roarke takes everyone (including Lucky Strike and other prisoners of the Searonese) to Aurum on her ship.
    • Belle and Phoenix infiltrate Blue Nova by shaving their manes and disguising as Mintian monks. They are joined by the local street urchin Kera.
    • Floydien, Simon and Pilate arrive at Blue Nova (presumably in the evening). Floydien attacks the factory where the Noble Jury is kept, leaving Simon with Pilate.
    • After Josho wakes up, he and Eagle Eye discover that they've being kidnapped, successfully fight the foxes and escape on a managlider.
    • Repairing of the Steel Wing is finished. Enforcer Evans of the Central Patrol Squad arrives, bringing news about Belle and Phoenix's escape, as well as Pilate being alive and his whereabouts. Shell decides to head for Blue Nova together with Evans on a managlider to catch Pilate, leaving the Steel Wing to Filta.
  • Day 12: chapters 81 - 136
    • In Aurum, former prisoners of the Searonese are settled. Rainbow, Roarke, Imre, Crimson and Tweak head north on Roarke's ship to find Belle and Pilate. Terra and her Searonese lackeys follow them to get revenge on Roarke.
    • Belle, Phoenix and Kera enter Nightshade's compound and find the machine world flame. Belle sequences with the ancient pegasi and learns about Urohringr. They are caught by Lady Nightshade; Belle and Kera manage to escape, but Phoenix is captured and his horn broken for sequencing.
    • Pilate and Simon meet the think tank of Jasper Clark, Props and Ebon Mane. They escape and eventually manage to find and free Floydien. Shell and Evans arrive to Blue Nova and lead a hunt for Pilate together with Overseer Fatch. Shell also orders an air blockade around Blue Nova.
    • Josho and Eagle Eye are captured and taken on the Steel Wing. Eagle Eye is imprisoned as a traitor, while Josho is treated well (Filta doesn't know that Shell decided to kill Josho). Josho decides to save Eagle Eye and they escape on a managlider (again). They head for Blue Nova, having learned that Pilate is there.
  • Day 13: chapters 137 - 187
    • Nightshade captures Belle and Kera while they are sleeping. She plugs Belle into sequencing and tries to feed her a false reality. Belle eventually breaks out of the sequencing and overpowers Nightshade by channelling Rainbow's personality. She escapes on an airship with Kera and all the other Xonan foals.
    • Josho and Eagle Eye meet with Roarke's ship near Blue Nova. Rainbow, Imre and Tweak enter Blue Nova while Roarke, Josho and Eagle Eye stay in the ship and fight with the blockade around the city.
    • Rainbow meets Shell in the sewers of Blue Nova. They fight and Shell is knocked out. Rainbow, Imre and Tweak run into Pilate, Floydien and company. They find the Noble Jury and manage to fly off on it. The Jury and Roarke's ship also have to face an Searonese attack led by Terra. Blue Nova is devastated by the battle, with hundreds of deaths.
    • Leaving the foals with Kera on the airships, Belle returns to Nightshade's compound to save Phoenix. She saves him and ends up absorbing the flame into the Innavedr book, which also alerts Rainbow of her whereabouts. Belle and Phoenix join Kera again.
    • Shell eventually comes to. He takes Nightshade as a prisoner, and kills Ordo and Fatch.
  • Day 14: chapters 188 - 200. Belle, Phoenix and Kera arrive at Deep Ridge, where the Xonan foals meet their parents again. The Noble Jury arrives next and everyone is reunited. Then the Steel Wing arrives. Imre allows herself to be captured and commits suicide in front of her father, providing a distraction that allows everyone else to escape on the Jury. The Jury arrives at Aurum, where some members decide to stay while others are going to join Rainbow on her journey east. Ledomare removes Shell from command of the mission of hunting Rainbow, but Shell kills Filta and the messengers and heads east on the Steel Wing with Evans and the rest of the crew.

Odrsjot Edit

Three weeks passed between the end of Innavedr and chapter 6 of Odrsjot, as mentioned several times in chapter 6 and later. This also fits perfectly with the lunar cycle, if we assume it is 29.5 days like in our world. The last full moon in Eljunbyro was on day 4 after Dash's revival, so the next one should be on day 33 or 34. Three weeks after the end of Innavedr (day 14) would be day 35, and there was indeed a full moon the night before chapter 6 of Odrsjot.

During those three weeks, Rainbow Dash flew alone, apart from the Jury, to avoid the book's influence.

  • Day 33: chapters 1 - 2
  • Day 34: chapters 3 - 4. Full moon, Rainbow talks to Luna.
  • Day 35: chapters 5 - 12. Rainbow is able to board the Noble Jury as Props finishes the arcanium protective cage around the book. At night, the Jury all talk to Luna.
  • Day 36: chapters 12 - 13. The Jury lands in the morning and the crew gather and hunt for food. At night, Rainbow talks to Luna for the last time.
  • Day 37: chapters 14 - 22. Arrival to Gray Smoke.
  • Day 38: chapters 23 - 36. The Jury discovers that uncle Prowse's house has collapsed. The Herald attacks the Jury; several Herald members are killed. Kera and the book are taken west by the Herald. Roarke and Rainbow fly after the Herald (using Rainbow's ability to sense the book's location).
  • Day 39: chapters 37 - 42. The Steel Wing takes Kera (who has the book with her) from the Herald ship and then shoots it down, with Zaid being the only survivor. Kera meets Nightshade and they escape from the Steel Wing using parachutes and Kera's magic. They land in the Blue Marshes and head for Nightshade's facility at Moss Point. Kera still has the book, which she hides under a cloak. Meanwhile, Rainbow and Roarke keep flying west after the book.
  • Day 40: chapters 43 - 51. Rainbow and Roarke find and interrogate Zaid, and take him along because of his Odrsjot bracelet. Kera and Nightshade reach Moss Point, where Nightshade contacts the Lightning Bearer. Meanwhile in Gray Smoke, Props discovers that uncle Prowse has gone off to find the "Ancient Kingdom of Zadubadabu".
  • Day 41: chapters 52 - 57. The Lightning Bearer arrives in the morning to pick up Nightshade, Kera and the book, and heads east for Seclorum's camp. Shortly afterwards, Rainbow, Roarke and Zaid sneak upon the ship. They find Kera, but before they can escape, Nightshade incapacitates Rainbow with the book. Rainbow, Zaid and Kera are captured, while Roarke fakes her death in an explosion and hides herself on the ship.
  • Day 42: Rainbow is unconscious all day, being kept in a cell with Kera and Zaid, with the book that incapacitates her nearby. (In chapter 58, Kera says that Rainbow was asleep for two days.)
  • Day 43: chapters 58 - 64. In Gray Smoke, the crew add a steam array to the Noble Jury as a backup while the book is missing. Roarke contacts them via sound stone for the first time since arriving on the Lightning Bearer. Meanwhile, Rainbow wakes up. The Xonan spy Dalen (disguised as "Lieutenant Straker") recognises her as Austraeoh and contacts the Xonans. While Rainbow is being interrogated by Prime Enforcer Fortis, Xonans led by Zytharros attack the Lightning Bearer. They kill Fortis and take the ship over, heading for the Sacred Hold. Rainbow, Nightshade, Zetta and Basso are placed in the same cell where Zaid is, while Kera is freed from the cell due to being Xonan.
  • Day 44: chapters 65 - 70. (The timeline is somewhat uncertain here; I'm guessing that chapter 65 is on the next day because Rainbow states that the Xonans are feeding them well, suggesting that they have had several meals since the Xonan takeover.) Roarke manages to talk with Rainbow's cellmates by sneaking into an adjacent ventilation duct. On Kera's recommendation, the Xonans ask Zetta to listen to and analyze Nagun's "song"; she concludes that the song is weakening and Nagu'n is dying. Roarke tortures a Xonan soldier who can speak Ledomaritan to find out where they are going. She reports it to Rainbow and the Noble Jury. The Jury leaves Gray Smoke, heading for Seclorum's camp.

Urohringr Edit

Day 1: The party flies over the frozen sea, traumatized after Shell's massacre in Lerris.

Yaerfaerda Edit

Day 1: The Noble Jury fight off Goblins from the Cartel ransacking a village.


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