“Are we seriously going to get into a game of semantics deep down here in the bowels of a Holy Bamboo Hut?!”
- Ynanhluutr, "Be Mindful Who You're Praying To"

The Reed is a large, miraculously growing plant located in the Quade, and an object of worship of the Luminards.

According to the history of the Luminards, there were once many reeds growing over the entire continent "miraculously, by Verlaxion's glory". However, when early settlers attempted to harvest them to build rafts, they discovered that when part of the Reed is damaged, its roots will become corrupted and the entire organism will die. For this reason, the Luminards hold the Reed in highest regard, and will protect it with their lives if necessary.

It is true that the Reed was created by Verlax, and part of its construction involved a layer of chaos metal buried within. It appears to be this metal which sustains it, and the damage to the metal is what causes the plant to die. Rainbow learned this the hard way when she blasted the metal away with the goal of opening the Ynanhluutr door beyond - the entire Reed as well as its attached platforms withered away and burned, causing the cataclysmic event which the Luminards refer to as the "second Plight", and which initiated most of the events of Utaan.

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