“Please, God, forgive me. Forgive me, God. Have mercy on my soul. I am so wicked. So wicked. So very wicked, God, forgive me. Forgive me, please, I beg you, God.”
- Yaerfaerda ch. 182

This was a group of Val Roan warriors or scouts that made it all the way through the desert of the Grand Choke to arrive at the sea. The only way Rainbow Dash knows anything about them was the journal, shelter, raft, and bones that they left behind.

The journal is almost unreadable by this point but it tells of a large group of Val Roans that traverse the desert, and later the ill-fated author begging the Val Roan deity for forgiveness. Rainbow further examines the makeshift bastion to find deer bones with fissures in them, many cracked, as if the meat had been stripped from them.

The raft they leave behind is how Rainbow Dash traverses the ocean part of the Grand Choke, and she dubs it the Scootaloo. It is destroyed in the maelstrom beneath the Machine Tower.

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