I can't help but wonder if feeling happy is a good thing. I almost feel as bad about it as I do about lying or stealing. Because it doesn't seem right, Goddess, for me to be the only foal here whose parents are still alive.
- Utaan, "Hope is the Greatest Sin"

Swab (given name Swift Song[1]) is an orphan worker aboard the Red Barge. He is an ardent believer in Verlaxion, and (in a similar way to Ebon) he pens letters to her every night to confess his sins. He has a strong conscience and is despised because of it, particularly by Quint and Whony.

He firmly believes that his parents are alive dredging coal someplace far away, and the hope that they will someday return keeps him going every day. The belief that Verlaxion will punish his parents for his own sins also enforces his rigid morals.

He lost his ear from a severe steam burn[2]

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