Utaan Plot Summary:

Life on a dredge coal mining platform in the ocean sucks. Prisoner Rainbow Dash becomes friends with orphan shoot I'm forgetting his name. There's also a bunch of angst about the Quade. Keris comes and rescues them and there's a big battle and Keris breaks a leg and "let's" Rainbow Dash escape.

Jeez this story is long. I'm just going to list plot points I remember and someone can organize them. I figure you have to start somewhere.

Rainbow's wing is supposedly broken

she plays cat and mouse with the talon and dons goofy disguises

she meets nana pearl during the month of thawing celebration

there's a lot of tense chapters here where the plot kind of grinds to a halt

There's a big battle in steamfall

Longaze is a butt

Seraphamus is a butt

Rainbow Dash blows up a train and escapes to the snowy area and mysterious and bitchy Renma rescues her

Rainbow meets the job squad, including Mortuana, who's a dark edgy OC but pretty alright

Keris and the camera guy work together

Keris loses faith

Seraphemus loses hope and becomes a zealot

Mortuana dies valiently

In the hall of the mountain King Queen


Dash reveals she's been faking the broken wing and kicks Sera's arse--What a twist!

Verlax is a sad old husk

Verlax commits suicide but makes it look like it's rainbow's fault, and releases a bunch of windigoes

Ponies work together to survive windigoes

Rainbow and friends book it out of there

Into twilight lands

Bard gets his angsty dark tragic past arc finally revealed and resolved and his sister nicole back

Nicole and Echo swap saliva (Probably)

They walk across water and sand

They sail towards batpone land

Batpone hostile but then hear luna speak through dash's pendant and it's all cool

Kinda shocked Luna tells them to stop being bitches.

MAgnificant seven sail to the 6th seed

Rainbow has a vision, woah man


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