Super's crappy summary of Ynanhluutr someone else should expand upon:

Rainbow meets Nick and Sinrar, who is french and has maps and hates everything

They take a boat and get shipwrecked on an Atoll

Meet Thunker Meat Theamin Mane who starts out as an annoying git. He can't photograph a butterfly.

Monstroso the sea monster terrorizes the natives, who are basically island versions the pegasus sex crater

Woop Woop Woop!

Rainbow doesn't slay Ultimo, instead getting a chaos shard out of his gullet or something.

mysterious whirlpool in center of lagoon stops

Rainbow almost drowns

Chaos metal and ice covering second flame

Somehow they get rid of it I can't remember how

Tower rises up

Rarity joins the party

Meanwhile this group of 5 griffons called the right talon of verlaxion is mucking about elsewhere

They head to Rust with theamin mane. I think Nick might stay behind I can't remember. Sinrar probably does too.

Rust is basically like Rusty Bucket Bay meets Clanker's Cavern

Theamin finds his washed up druggie bat pony friend Echo the Diamond Dog (Rip)

Bard the guitar-playing pegasus and Wild Card the mysterious silent gryphon with a mechanical arm and goggled eyes try to kidnap Echo

They team up to rob the syndicate who have been starting arson fires because they are totes magoats EVIL

Shoo-be-doo! Call upon the Sea Ponies. Rainbow meets Telepathic Princess Camelia in Shoggoth. She's actually pretty legit. They play politics together. Basically Rapture with ponies.

Rainbow gets to the third seed under the sea and plays trivial pursuit with Verlax's frost vessels

Pinkie Pie joins the party

They crash the other part of the syndicate

meanwhile this guy named Chandler is mucking about elsewhere

Really feel like I'm missing some stuff here.

There's this place called the quade with a bunch of self-flaggelating monks who think verlax is punnishing them. Real bunch of losers.

Rainbow Dash goes through monk trials but that doesn't lead anywhere

So she burns the quade to the ground, producing enough angst to power several hundred thousand words

Fluttershy joins the party

The desparadoes split with Rainbow 'cause she's an ass to them

she floats away on a shitty raft

Woah man what a downer ending!

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