“Well, if you too were a unicorn imbued with magic, then you and I could cover considerably longer distances—even scaling the continent if need be. But, as I'm the only one possessing a horn, this will most likely cover no more than a thousand miles.”
- Austraeoh, "Stones"

A Sound Stone is an enchanted manacrystal that allows for audio communication between two points many miles apart. Basic sound stones always come in pairs, and each pair is permanently linked to its counterpart. They have a range which varies between several hundred to several thousand miles, depending on the type of crystal and the magical abilities of their user.

The Divine Five possess special sound stones of their own called Dragon Stones which were given them by the ancient Alicorns. These resemble crystal balls, and allow the divines to communicate at any distance.[1]

  1. Ynanhluutr, "A Conference Held about Holding Conferences"

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