"Towers... caves... buildings... mountain structures..." Twilight gestured at the book. "The accounts are relatively vague, but claim that the various cultures surrounding these six spots have their own historians who have kept careful track of them throughout the ages."
- Ynanhluutr, "Don't Take My Word For It"

The Six Seeds are six mysterious points of interest spread equidistantly around Rohbredden. Presumably they are some kind of surface-level connection with the machine world, but their exact purpose is unknown. The Yaerfaerda symbol is directing Rainbow Dash to each one in turn. It is apparent that Verlax is aware of their existence and has made an effort to remove all knowledge of their existence, which is why maps more recent than Sinrar's have the six seeds removed.

Blighted Sea Edit

The first Seed encountered by Rainbow Dash was in the Blighted Sea, within a few miles of the KMCA. This was a machine tower which Rainbow climbed, found a Ruby Flame inside, and revived Twilight Sparkle.

Nealend Atoll Edit

Yaerfaerda led Rainbow Dash to the Nealend Atoll, where there formerly a constant whirpool, but now was calm water patrolled by Ultimo. After confronting Ultimo and repairing the Shard of Verlaxion at the bottom of the lagoon, Rainbow and company were taken down into the machine world to again touch the flame and revive Rarity.

Shoggoth Edit

The next destination was southeast of Nealend, to a location significantly below water. This turned out to be the Siren's Royal Tombs. Inside was a set of icy golems who presented several trials to Rainbow Dash before allowing her to continue.

The Quade Edit

This Seed was located inside the Reed which was worshiped by the Luminards. Because of the traditions and sacred status surrounding the Reed, Rainbow's initial attempts to access it all failed. It was only after she eluded the Desperadoes and attempted to enter the door by stealth and force that she was able to get inside. This came at a dire cost to the Luminards, however, as it triggered the withering of the Reed and all of its attached structures, which formed the majority of the settlement.

Starkiss Edit

This seed was located inside the very throne of Verlaxion, inside the mountain known as Starkiss. The chamber where Verlaxion lay was rigged with a trigger to sever Verlaxion's power as soon as the door was opened.

Waters of Forever Sinking Edit

Similar to the first Seed, this one near the very east edge took the form of a machine tower in the center of a swirling maelstrom. Rainbow was able to get inside with the help of the Sarosians

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