“I am no mere Kihutajan!” Sinrar barked. “Wretched harpy—I am the lightning in the storm of intellect!”
- Ynanhluutr, "Now That We Have That Settled"

Sinrar is a cantankerous old cartographer who lives in the village near KMCA. Widely known for his bad temper, he was a professor at the university until he gave one student a concussion with his cane.

His ennui, he says himself, comes from boredom of knowing all the facts about the world and none of the adventure. During his years of study at the University, he found that there was less and less about the world that was enticing and worth discovering. This led him to investigate borderline heretical thinking about the nature of the Blighted Sea and the potential for civilizations to live beyond it, which led him to find everything he could about Val Roa.

Since joining Rainbow Dash on her journey, he says he has rediscovered the whimsical and adventurous part of the world, and he can die happy knowing that ponies like Rainbow are carrying on that magic.

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