Without looking back, Seraphimus calmly spoke into the foggy winds: “It is my righteous duty to personally bridge the gap between Verlaxion's wisdom and Her fierce might.”
- Utaan, "A Strange Threat Called 'Harmony'"

Seraphimus is the griffon commander of the Right Talon of Verlaxion. She loves interrogation and militaristic zealotry.

Her husband and young child are cryogenically frozen in the chambers near Frostknife due to a dredge dust infection of their lungs. [1]Seraphimus does not like talking about it. (Note for later: child's appearance is tan fur / pale feathers / hazel eyes)[2]

Through the course of the series she remains constant in her devotion to Verlaxion and in her righteous cause. In this, many readers compare her to Shell's level of mad zealotry. When Verlax dies and the cryogenic chambers fail, she redoubles her resolve to annihilate the "Rainbow Rogue" who started it all. At the same time, however, she yields her position to Keris and joins Chandler's excursion as an enlisted soldier.

Over the Edge Edit

During the fight at the edge of the world, Seraphimus fights against Wildcard, destroying his mechanical talon before being knocked out by a rocket. She is then tied up by Raptr and Starstorm, but upon hearing that they are colluding with Rainbow Dash, she breaks free and dives directly into the Gondola, where a prolonged fight ensues. At the end, Rainbow holds Seraphimus by the tail, with the chance to release her into space, but chooses instead to knock her unconscious. This causes much debate within the Herald, but Rainbow insists that she be kept alive and brought with them.

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