“He’s getting an influx of resources, so obviously the Council of Ledo is hoofing him weapons to blow up more mountains with. But the Xonans have almost blockaded his army three times. They’re hanging by a thread. I don’t care how many shells they have to dish out on those tattooed flankmunchers; they’re in deep manure and they know it.”
- Odrsjot, "Grand Theft Army Night"

Seclorum's Camp (also called the Eastern Front or Xonan Battlefront) is a entrenched warzone on the border between Ledomare and Xona. For years, the war had raged in the nearby regions and the Xonan forces were pushing far to the west, yet a battalion commanded by Prime Enforcer Seclorum refused to budge from this spot. Their reason was that they were defending an exposed part of the Machine World that was crucial for Madame Nightshade's plan to end the war.

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