"The only reason I haven’t ordered you shot is because I’m wondering why you haven’t drank yourself to death."
- Odrsjot ch. 93

Prime Enforcer Seclorum is in charge of the war on the Xonan Warfront. He has a raspy, authoritarian voice and a metal prosthetic. However, some time well before the events of Odrsjot, he is replaced by a Changeling infiltrator and sent to Stratopolis. His Changeling double was in charge of imprisoning Soldiers of Ledomare in the pit north of Seclorum's Camp, while his Xonan counterpart, the fake Arcshod, did the same to his own Xonan soldiers. Eventually the infiltrator is discovered and killed by Eagle Eye and Prime Enforcer Josho, one of his old friends.

In Urohringr he is one of the ponies trapped in Stratopolis, along with Princess Buch Tania Lasairfion, Arcshod, Captain Aatxe, and Prowse. These prisoners escape on Aatxe's ship the Tarkington, and later return to aid Booster Spice, Josho and Eagle Eye in rescuing King Lunarius and Queen Azira.

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