"A very strange kingdom this Rohbredden must be: an island continent populated by six mortal tribes, ruled over by an ageless dragon who was born with a complex that sees all perishable life as infectious microbes."
- Ynanhluutr, "The Many Mad Faces of Lunacy"

Rohbredden is the central nation on the East Edge continent. It is comprised of six distinct races or tribes, each united in their worship of the diety Verlaxion, who is actually the dragon Divine Verlax. Its capital is Frostknife.

The continent itself is a large "croissant-shaped" landmass surrounded by many smaller islands and archipelagos, commonly called the "seven seas".[1] The author describes it as being " Azeroth: each zone is a different climate."

The northern border of the continent is an rough archipelago closely bordering the skystone fields on the edge.[2]

Prefectures Edit

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