The henchstallion pivoted to the left. “Over there you'll find some deep sea swimming suits. Next to it is a control valve that'll open the grate.” He then pivoted to the right. “And on this side you can find several illegally pilfered bits of royal trinkets from the upper tombs of the Royal Sirens.” His ears twitched. “I like potatoes,” he droned.
- Ynanhluutr, "Obey the Laws of Manaan, Pegasus"

Remna is one of the guard ponies working for the Southern Hoof of Shoggoth. He worked as a supervisor to the main stronghold guards, and under Camellia's influence led Rainbow Dash, Bard, and Wildcard into the Cartel's vault to obtain dive suits.

He was thrown into the ocean by Revan in a fit of anger because he was responsible for letting Rainbow and the Desperadoes escape. Though presumed dead, he was rescued offscreen by seaponies, and was able to return to the Marine Auction House to testify against Revan.

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