"What do you take me for?" Remna's muzzle resembled a gargoyle's when she frowned. "A thief?" She grunted out the side of her muzzle as she reached for Rainbow's side. "Thieves are cowards. I learned years to ago to just skip straight to murderer. It's harder and pays better."
- Utaan, "A Land Without Honor"

Remna is a renowned bounty hunter on the mainland of Rohbredden. She was hired by Wildcard to escort Rainbow Dash safely from Steamfall to Wyvern Point. Her resemblance to Roarke is uncanny, to the point that she has been dubbed "Roarke 2.0".

She was and continues to be a mentor and tutor to Wildcard.

In a shocking twist, it is revealed that Remna actually died from an infection of "ice rust" almost a year before Rainbow Dash arrived at Wyvern Point. Mortuana put her into some sort of stasis during the intermediate time to see if there was a way she could still help the cause. When Axan arrived at Wyvern Point, Remna willingly sacrificed her body and gave it as a "shell" for Axan to control, with the aid of Mortuana's magic. In this form she has unreasonable strength and durability, and other potential unknown powers. Remna's untethered spirit now rests in the Plains of Harmony.

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