Austraeoh, "Prism": Edit

“No single living soul has made it to the Midnight Armory in forever.  But... But I'm going to change that.”

“But why you, Rainbow Dash?” Whitemane leaned down and placed a hoof on the pegasus' shoulder.  “Why must you be the one to change the future?”

Rainbow Dash was trembling at this point.  Her vision blurred, and when she blinked her eyes to force the tears back into hiding, she swore she saw a fluctuation, a tiny dance of lavender light.  She jerked her head to the side, gazing east beyond the chambers and halls of the palace.  She saw nothing, and yet she saw everything.  A smile cracked out of her, and she sniffled.

“Because I'm sick to death of the past,” she murmured.  “And if I don't keep moving, I'll just hate myself forever.  So maybe something horrible happens to me.  Maybe I run into the edge of world and take a leap and that's the end of my awesomeness forever and ever.  So what?”  She gulped and glared at Whitemane.  “If I stay put, if I refuse to budge, then I know what's gonna consume me.  And the last thing I ever wanted to do with my life was let it end by something I could predict.”

Eljunbyro, "Integrity's Ashes": Edit

"Even if every tree becomes a cinder today, it will be Ledomare's paradise tomorrow, so long as our children have the power to call the ashes theirs."

Urohringr ch. 126: Edit

The aged tortoise said, "Remember this moment.  Dwell on it.  Meditate on it.  In the future, when your life once again becomes intolerably bleak, think back to what you've felt today, so that you may remind your future self that not all is lost.  Hope stands to bring light to us in the strangest places.  There is a purpose to living, otherwise there would be no life whatsoever.  Everything would be death."

"There are times, though," Rainbow murmured, "When death is all that I see."

"Which is proof that you are in the position to triumph over it," he said.

Eljunbyro, "Dying, Fighting": Edit

"It's definitely possible to be way too loyal to something.  I didn't set out on my journey thinking that I'd get a chance to care about other ponies again.  But it's happened—twice.  The first time, it killed me.  The second time, I was reborn."

Yaerfaerda ch. 141: Edit

Belle bit her lip as tears welled up in her eyes.  “If... if it weren't for you... a thousand times over...”

“Hey... hey...” Rainbow breathed calmly, leaning in to nuzzle both Belle and Pilate at the same time.  “No crying.  Only living.  Got it?”

Yaerfaerda ch. 163 Edit

“Mrmmmff.... what's it matter...?”  Kera tried to frown, but the tear rolling down her tattooed cheeks betrayed her resolve. “What's any of it matter?”

Rainbow ruffled the filly's mane.  “Rule Number One—stop friggin' asking that.  Rule Number Two—you're too awesome to care.”  Rainbow winked.  “The Kera I know wouldn't bother with the details.”

Ynanhluutr, "Begins and Ends with a Rainbow" Edit

As the unicorn waited, Rainbow stared back at her.  Her muzzle quivered and her eyes brimmed with tears.  “I... I d-don't... deserve...”  She gulped hard.

“What, Rainbow?” Twilight asked quietly. She leaned her head to the side.  “What don't you deserve?”

This...” Rainbow whimpered.  “This chance...”  She sniffled, shook, and finally caved.  “ say that I love you... that I love each and every one of y-you...”  Her lungs heaved, and her body with it.  “I love you girls so much.  I-I've always loved you.  With everything I do... with every mile that I've flown.”  She clenched her eyes shut, tossing her head back and forth.  “I'm so stupid!  Always so stupid!  I should have said it before.  Should have told you all before... b-before...”  She buried her muzzle into her forelimbs, wailing.  “I love you... I love you I love you I l-love you...”

Ynanhluutr, "The Next Chapter Of Our Lives" Edit

“I'm a lot of things, Twilight,” Rainbow said.  “But, right now and forever, I'm your friend.”

Ynanhluutr, "Sit Right Back, Hear a Tale" Edit

For some strange reason, he cracked a smile.  “I don't know everything, harpy.”  His eyes took on a piercing glint.  “Because you don't know everything.”

Rainbow Dash blinked.

“And I don't think you ever will,” Sinrar said.  “That's the magic of what makes you you.”  He shuffled sideways and pointed at her.  “Even if you make it to the Midnite Bastion—”

“Midnight Armory.”

“Whatever.  Even if you make it to that damnable Macguffin of a destination and get the hocus pocus thingy to bring back to your homeland and get your friends back, I doubt you'll ever stop learning... and living.”  His lips curved.  “And the fact that there are creatures like you—here and beyond—is what makes the world all the more interesting.  There will always be a mystery.  There will always be an adventure.”

Yhanhluutr, "Nothing, If But Echoes of Endearment" Edit

Theanim cocked his head to the side. “There was a time when I... mused about doing heroic things.” He gulped. “I suppose I should have thought harder about it. Perhaps then I would have realized just how much sacrifice it takes to be righteous.” He blinked. “Do you believe this is always the case with heroes, Miss Dash?”

She shrugged. “I've found that... uh... it rarely ever matters what I believe,” she said. “Only what I do.”

Ynanhluutr, "Be Mindful Who You're Praying To" Edit

“Getting through this world with only kindness as one's Element? I... I've wondered before what would happen if Fluttershy made this journey instead of me... and just how far she would go. Well, now know that she wouldn't have gotten very far at all. She would have suffered... died... maybe even sacrificed herself a long... long time ago. But one thing's for sure.” Rainbow lifted an iron frown. “She wouldn't have suffered a single regret for any of the kind things she did.”

The three mares hovered in silence.

“My 'epiphany' down there was realizing that,” Rainbow said.  “Labor?  Pain?”  She shook her head.  “Everypony goes through them.  Only a kind soul knows how far to go to make sure nopony else feels it.”  She took a deep, deep breath, her ears folding back. “I... am not that kind soul.  But Fluttershy is.  And for the briefest of moments... I understood why she is who she is.  That's the moment that got me through... the moment that anointed me.  And now... at last... I can approach the holiest of holies.  I can approach the sanctum of the kindest ponies in Rohbredden and see if I can usher our friend back.”

Utaan, "How the East Met West" Edit

“It's taken me several wrestless nights of meditation, but I've come to a realization.” Nicro whimpered.  “If the Reed was truly destroyed, then it could only have been willed by Verlaxion Herself.”

Keris smiled. “Have you ever contemplated that—perhaps—the one true Sanctuary is you? And that Verlaxion's Holiest of Holies will always have a place to make itself manifest... so long as there are faithful, humble ponies willing to represent Her divine glory?”

Utaan, "Monster By Your Own Choice" Edit

“You say you're such a monster...” Swab's voice was quiet... breathy. “But all you do is admit your sins.” He blinked. “And I think you're really... really sorry for them.”

Rainbow bit her lip.

“Real monsters don't destroy things...” Swab shook his head. “They let horrible stuff keep happening.” He gulped. “Like the ones who... who r-run this place...” A tiny squeak escaped his lips. “Or like me... who's almost getting used to it.”

Utaan, "The Labors of Foaling Yesterday"Edit

“But ponies are suffering again... right now... right here...”  Rainbow gritted her teeth.  “And all over the world.  And you know what?  You can't solve it by just sitting in place... using some white light to blind yourself to the ugliness... hoping it will all go away.”  She shook her head, jaws clenched tight.  “No... you have to keep moving.  You have to keep carrying the burden of all the terrible things you've lost... and all the terrible things you do to make up for it.”

Utaan ch. 84 Edit

“... ... you really... truly believe any of it?” Rainbow gulped. “That Verlaxion saved this place and unified the tribes with completely innocent motives? And that she still rules this place from on high today?”

Nana Pearl took a deep breath. Her glossy gray eyes reflected the waiting ponies of her household. She exhaled with mild melancholy. “No. No, child, I don't.”

Rainbow bit her lip. “Then why do you keep telling the story every year.”

“Because it's not important.”


“What is important is that each of us—through tradition and through loyalty—has unified each other under a pact far stronger than any Goddess'.” Pearl smiled. “Regardless of who protects us from that mountain throne on high... or if anypony protects us at all... I know that we've been the ones responsible for each other's prosperity. I spent a lifetime ensuring the happiness of myself and my descendants. And I have full faith that such will continue for decades... centuries after I'm gone.”

“I see...”

“Verlaxion has not chosen to show herself for ages anyway. I find her to be an idea... a very beautiful idea for very beautiful hearts. That, more than anything, is what keeps us going. That is why I tell the story. I'm in love with the idea... like a story that gets better with time and age.” She sighed. “It's a very noble thing, you see.”

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