Quint sighed. “Just... play it cool. Do your labor. Get your nibbles. And everything will be... f-fine.”
- Utaan, "Little by Little, the Stakes..."

Quint is one of the older orphans aboard Red Barge. He serves as the de facto leader of the group (with Whony as second-in-command), keeping them in line and bossing them around. His motivations, though, are not entirely selfish - his goal is to preserve the entire group and make sure they have food. Therefore, he strictly punishes anyone acting out of line, which often leads to him antagonizing Swab.

He sacrificed his life for the rest of Red Barge by volunteering to enter a boiling crawlspace to stop an imminent explosion caused by damage from a pirate attack - a job which Skagra originally assigned to Swab.

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