"I adora-love them, Unky Prowsy." She gulped. "The whole fluffy kitten bag full of them. I wanna see them get someplace safe and happy. And... and I don't think they can make it without me."
- Urohringr, "Denouement, thy name is fluffy"

Props is an earth pony mare first met by Pilate in the city of Blue Nova. After escaping along with Rainbow Dash, she has become the mainstay mechanic for the group. A technical genius in spite of her eccentricities, she has an uncle named Prowse, and seems to have developed romantic feelings for Zaid. She has a habit of referring to Floydien as "handsome" and has taken after his habit of referring to the Noble Jury as "Nancy Jane", even going so far as to refer to sections of it as specific body parts. Rainbow Dash has stated that she finds her very attractive.

She was adopted by her uncle Prowse and learned mechanics by helping him in his shop in Gray Smoke. Her father is apparently frozen solid after "messing around with coolant crystals", and the whole family is still waiting for him to thaw.[1]

She is 22 years old and was conceived in the broom closet of a bookstore.

  1. Urohringr ch. 20

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