Phoenix turned. He smiled at her. "I was dead long before I met you, kid." He gestured towards Belle on the other side. "Make sure she lives to see her friend again. It was my promise to her. Now it's yours too."
- Innavedr, "Never Too Late"

Phoenix is a member of the Franzington Blades Guild, and one member of the group of deserters led by Crimson. After he and Zenith betrayed Rainbow Dash to the Confederacy, Phoenix was overcome with regret over the deaths he caused, and determined to follow and protect Belle with his life. While the two were being flown to the detention center at Pale Shelf, Phoenix attacked the guards and caused their ship to crash.

Though she was initially repulsed by him, Belle soon learned to trust him and his dogged loyalty as they infiltrated Nightshade Tower in Blue Nova with the help of Kera. There, he decided to stake out a last stand as he faced Nightshade's guards to protect Belle while she was sequencing. In so doing, he was captured, tortured, and had his horn chopped short with a hatchet so that Nightshade could sequence into his mind. He was afterwards rescued by Belle and returned to safety in Aurum Province, where he planned along with Crimson to bring his family there and live alongside Tweak.

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