“Let me tell you something about the apocalypse child,” Nana Pearl said. “So long as there are ponies dying, it happens every day.” He wrinkled brow furrowed. “Don't concern yourself with the end of all things. Focus on the next heartbeat... as you do with the next hoofstep. If you spend too much time and energy concentrating on that which you can't predict, you'll find yourself looking back and seeing a life bereft of energy... bereft of excitement... bereft of joy.”
- Utaan, "Trade Your Compass for Pearls"

"Nana" Pearl is the elder of the household of Sweet and Reeds, in Kunmane. She identifies Rainbow Dash as the "Rainbow Rogue", discusses the true nature of Verlaxion, and gives Rainbow information for how to reach her throne.

She was one of the wise souls chosen by Mortuana to serve as vigils for the coming of the Austraeoh[1]. This allows Mortuana to see through her, in exchange for extending Pearl's life.

  1. Utaan, "East, Unto Twilight, and Beyond"

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