Symbol odrsjot

The symbol of Odrsjot

Odrsjot is the 4th symbol in the set found in the Text of the Prophets.


The word "Odrsjot" has been translated as "Frantic companionship" in Innavedr ch. 102: "Through a frantic companionship will the spark complete its journey."


The symbol appears to look like an arrow flying quickly through the air. It was first shown in Odrsjot ch. 51.


This symbol seems to be related to Kera. It appears on Khao and her agents' armbands. According to Zaid, Khao says that whoever holds the Text of the Prophets with Odrsjot will be imbued with "Angelic Power". When Kera puts Zaid's bracelet on her horn, it cancels out the energy from the tome and lets Rainbow get close to it. In consideration of the "companionship" theme, it is speculated that Odrsjot is analogous to the Elements of Harmony. While Rainbow is only representing Loyalty, she can't handle pure harmonic energy as there is some kind of imbalance (similar to what happened when the elements originally backfired). Having a group of companions behind her completes the circle and cancels out the negative feedback.

The seven straight lines of the symbol seem to depict seven companions riding alongside the wings of a larger figure. It is hypothesized that this is why the Job Squad always has seven members.

In practical uses, the Heraldic Seven also carry the rainbow-colored armbands, which they can "activate" to give their weapons temporary super powers. This ability is very vaguely described and its advantages and limitations are unknown.

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