"...I see in you a mare who understands what it means to be peaceful and understanding. Maybe you'll come back to bless us with both of those qualities someday." She cleared her throat, the bowed low, braids flouncing. "Please, Rainbow Dash, don't ever give up hope."
- Ynanhluutr 198

Nicro is one of the Luminards who live in the Quade. She is distinguished as being one of the more compassionate monks, including surreptitiously offering ocean mangoes to Rainbow during her trial despite it being forbidden by Sonikah. After the death of Kyron, she became a valuable witness to Keris regarding the events surrounding the Reed's destruction.

Nicro later moves to a new home in Sun Roost, shaves her mane, and reconciles her new faith in Verlaxion with the destruction of the Quade. She is instrumental in convincing Sonikah of the same truth.

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