“Why do you ask—Wait.” He turned to blink at her. “This is gonna turn into a big dumb adventure thing, isn't it?”
- Ynanhluutr, "Want You As A New Recruit"

Nick is a unicorn student at K.M.C.A, and is the first living pony Rainbow Dash encounters after crossing the The Grand Choke. He is a shipwright by hobby, and is currently studying nautical engineering. After Rainbow Dash crashes into a palm tree where he is studying, Nick introduces himself and offers to show her around the campus. Rainbow ends up staying in a dorm room provided by him, and then uses his help to try and identify the Six Seeds.

When it becomes clear that Rainbow will need transport to the next Seed, Nick mentions a boat (the Swan Song) which they end up using to sail to the Nealend Atoll. During their stay, Nick is smitten with an islander named Flare, and after much "deliberation", he decides to bring her back to Kihutaja with them. He was last seen taking Sinrar and Flare back to the KMCA, while Rainbow and Theanim departed for Rust.

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