"It's the double-edged sword of enlightenment, my little pony," Mortuana said. "When the entire universe is illuminated, you become aware of every shadow."
- Utaan, "In Mead Halls like Bookends"

Mortuana is the alicorn half-sister of Whitemane. For centuries she, like other alicorns, took up her duty as a caretaker of the world. In the timeline of the story, her primary role is that of the "Mountain Matron" of Wyvern Point, and the leader of the Heraldic Seven.

History Edit

Like others of her kind, Mortuana spent millenia acting as a guardian to the mortals of the world. In reference to this time, she remarks that "...all my life I have been deeply acquainted with death." She was involved with the creation of Darkreach, though her exact responsibility is unclear.

Six hundred years ago, she confronted Verlax at her throne in Starkiss to try and convince her to stop deceiving the inhabitants of Rohbredden. This ended with Verlax attacking Mortuana using a spell which fractured her inner alicornia, deliberately intended to cause a slow and painful death. Afterwards, Mortuana fled to Wyvern Point and met members of the Herald of Angels, which led to her becoming their leader and forming the Order of the Heraldic Seven.

The injury given her by Verlax only affects her when she uses magic. She eventually learned to separate herself from the need for magic, effectively prolonging her life. However, as a precaution long ago, she drew 7 vials of her enchanted blood, each one allowing her to perform a burst of Alicorn magic. The second-to-last was used to transfigure Axan. The final vial she wears around her neck awaiting a time of supreme need.

Mortuana ended her life by using her final magic to halt a stampede of windigoes at the foot of Starkiss, allowing Rainbow and the rest of the Herald to enter safely.[1]

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