"You see, Miss Dash, all ponies who live in the Quade stand to sacrifice something. And such a sacrifice is not made without a modicum of faith". He shook his head. I may not have a grasp on what gives each Luminard a sense of purpose, but I have full faith that they do. And while they sacrifice eveything to experience such redemption, I sacrifice redemption that they may continue to be who they are."
- Ynanhluutr

Menthe is one of two guards hired by the Luminards to protect the Quade. His apprentice is Galloran. Although initially friendly to Rainbow Dash and her companions, when Rainbow destroyed the Holy Reed to get to Fluttershy's beacon at the end of Ynanhluutr, both Menthe and Galloran attacked Rainbow with physical force with the goal of stopping her.

His primary weapon is a spear. He lives in a small house to the west of the Reed.

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