“Over a year ago, Discord gave you guys the zap. And then I gave him the zap. And then we both gave each other the zap. And here I am, a gazillion miles away from home, trying to come to terms with the fact that... well... I am the zap.”
- Ynanhluutr, "I'm Afraid You Have Talking Ponies..."

Magic is an essential force in the Austraeoh universe. There are several distinct types:

  • Unicorn/Alicorn magic, which comes naturally as the result of a unicorn's connection to ethereal leylines.
  • Elk magic, what appears to be an extension of unicorn magic that is wielded by deer, elk, antelopes, and other horned creatures. Kenna, Baxter, Arcanista, and Lunarius notably possess this magic. It is also likely to be the "original" source of Floydien's magic, only augmented by his modified horns.
  • Air magic, allowing pegasi, sarosians and griffons to fly and manipulate clouds
  • Earth pony magic, a pony's innate sense of the earth and things that grow in it
  • Crystal pony magic, which nullifies manatech and causes queasiness in unicorns
  • Manatech, which powers most technology in the region of Ledomare/Xona, as well as Darkstine. This is unicorn magic augmented by the use of energized crystals for various purposes. Skystone propulsion falls under this category as well.
  • Harmony and Chaos could be considered forms of magic here as well.

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