While magic may have abandoned us, surely the elements won't.
- Yaerfaerda ch. 182

The Machine Tower is one of a series of structures found in the middle of the ocean beyond the Grand Choke. It lies in the center of a huge whirlpool which it apparently generates itself (in a similar manner to Stratopolis). It shoots ruby-colored lightning bolts from its main pillar. It seems to be completely distinct from the Obelisks in that it can be climbed through use of struts, and can be walked inside.

The appearance of the tower is similar to other features normally in the underground machine world, including gears, pendulums, etc. Inside the tower there is a golden pedestal which holds a ruby flame. The pedestal was the "target" for the Yaerfaerda symbol for the later majority of Yaerfaerda. After Rainbow touched the pedestal, the tower collapsed and the maelstrom returned to normal, while flight and presumably other forms of magic become usable once more. Another Machine Tower ascends in the center of Nealand Atoll after Rainbow Dash makes contact with the ruby flame within.

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