Luna's Saddlebag is a useful container which is carried by Rainbow Dash for a majority of her journey. During Eljunbyro, it was stored away in Blue Shelf and was recovered by Bellesmith, who carried it through the Blue Nova story arc. Rainbow then used it until Val Roa. Before Rainbow left to cross the Grand Choke, it was repaired by Mamunia & Jet. It is large enough to carry Kera inside.

At the beginning of the journey, the saddlebag contained:

At the start of Rainbow's journey over the Grand Choke, it had been repacked (along with Arcanista's pack) to contain:

  • A magically collapsible tent frame and canvas
  • Firestarting tools and tinder
  • Blankets & wool
  • Approximately thirty-six Heaven Slices
  • Two canisters of Nebulum
  • A canteen of water
  • The Dagger of Evo
  • A new hatchet
  • Scootaloo's goggles

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