Since we might as well go full sperglord on this here Austraeoh Dot Wikia Dot Com Wiki, here is a list of mysterious and/or disembodied voices we have heard throughout the series. All of these are pretty much attributable to Ilrifa.

  • A voice speaking during Rainbow's cosmic vision at the end of Urohringr. "Ah, I see now.  We are forever learning, aren't we?"[1]
  • The voice which says only "FOAL. YESTERDAY" during the visions throughout Yaerfaerda[2]
  • A mysterious entity speaking through the image of Whitemane in a vision which Rainbow sees in the Machine Tower at the end of Yaerfaerda[3] “Out of all the souls who have been capable, you have made it the farthest.  You truly are the Austraeoh.”
  • The same voice as the previous two, speaking during a cosmic vision in the Machine World beneath the Nealend Atoll[4]. This one speaks of Eljunbyro, the need to "foal yesterday", and the fact that someone else is listening to them speak.
  • Once again, the cosmic voice speaking in the Shoggoth machine world[5]. “Perhaps we are not the only ones who anticipate the Spark's journey.”
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