Kihutaja is the name of the island/nation east of the Machine Tower in the Great Sea (what they call the "blighted sea") of the Grand Choke. It is independent of Rohbredden. Despite being inside the Choke's zone of magic nullification, the island seems to thrive. It has its own college, KMCA.

She could now see the entirety of Kihutaja—or at least the westernmost body of the archipelago.  The K.M.C.A. was nestled on the very tip of a slender strip of land, deeply forested, like a sliver of vibrant emerald in the middle of a sapphire bed.  East of the Academy, a small town stretched through a clearing in the foreign planted trees.  Then, to the northeast, natural palms dotted a sandy lagoon, flanked by rustic houses and bungaloos.  Further east of this, a thickly reinforced wooden bridge had been constructed, and it stretched boldly across the ocean's waves, connecting the Academy's island with an even larger body of land—although Rainbow could already tell from the visible north and southern edges that it was only five times the size of the western strip at most.  Several carts full of trading supplies rolled east and west across the bridge.
- Ynanhluutr, "The Chronicles of East Horse, Abridged"

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