“Every time we've met, you and your Noble Jurists have done nothing but bash my brains in. My fellow Bandits no less. Face it. You hate us.” He frowned. “We're murderers and pillagers and enslavers. For some reason, that just rubs you stupid prissy ponies the wrong way. I'm pretty sure you'd want us to just roll over in a ditch and die.”

“It would simplify things, yes.”

- Yaerfaerda, "Those Who Are Capable of Change"

Jex is a goblin leader of the Southern Cartel. Driven by anger and fear of disappointing his superior, Haman, he is constantly humiliated by the Noble Jury. After one failure too many, half his limbs are amputated by his boss. After that, he begins to question the Cartel's ways. He enters into an uneasy alliance with Roarke, and eventually has a change of heart, learning from her that it's never too late to turn your life around.

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