Symbol innavedr

The symbol of Innavedr

Innavedr is a symbol. It is first encountered/seen in chapter 125 of Eljunbyro.

Kera recognizes the symbol almost immediately on the cover of the Text of the Prophets which she briefly stole from Belle, but she does not know its meaning. In one of several riddles posed to Rainbow Dash, Verlax described Innavedr in this way:

“Shaped like a bell, kissed by sunlight and twilight [...] it waits in sheets of the ancients, bringing wind to the wings of that which ignites the world.”[1]
The symbol itself, then, represents the plane of Urohringr, separated into dark and light sides. The mention of "sheets of the ancients" refers to the Text of the Prophets, which contained the first written use of the symbol and which, when mounted inside the Noble Jury, provided energy for Rainbow and her friends to continue their journey.

  1. Ynanhluutr, "That One That Took Three Days"

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