"Unification," Luna said. "Thou six were more than just mere mortals. The Elements were meant for thee; together, thou could very well have spread peace and harmony across the land in greater intensity than my sister and we are capable. The kingdoms beyond Equestria would have been united under more than just light. Ponydom would become whole, and would form a utopia that would banish chaos forever."
- Eljunbyro, "Things Grown"

Harmonic Unification is a theoretical condition in which the essences of the Elements of Harmony are absorbed into the mortal population of the world. In a very abstract way, it seems to represent the "will" of harmony itself to persevere and spread itself. Luna explains that it may have been this unifying motive which preserved the other 5 elements inside the Element of Loyalty.[1]

  1. Ynanhluutr ch. 24

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