"Through Acclimation, the same spirit that gave alicorns vigor, energy, and peace of mind would be passed onto the sentient mortals of this world. Someday, Rainbow Dash, Celestia and we shall no longer be around, and it will be up to ponydom itself to maintain peace and harmony in the center of this pocket of the universe."
- Eljunbyro, "Things Grown"

Harmonic Acclimation is the process by which the incorporeal Elements of Harmony bind themselves to the souls of individuals.[1] This is what occurred when the six bearers originally received their pendants at the defeat of Nightmare Moon.

Luna says this:

"Thou six were the strongest, but hardly the first.  In truth, the Elements of Harmony have been blending with the living population of this realm for eons.  When thou, Twilight, and the rest of thy ill-fated companions acquired the six Elements, thou completed the final stage of Harmonic Acclimation."[2]
  1. Ynanhluutr ch. 24
  2. Eljunbyro, "Things Grown"

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