Clenching her eyes, Rainbow forced herself onto another page, and yet another, and the one after that. With each flip, the pictures grew foggier and foggier, and yet she knew them like the back of her hoof. They were burned into her retinae, welded to her soul. They carried the cheerful octaves of happy souls frozen in giggles and cheer. They caressed her in her sleep and beckoned her behind every sunrise. She just didn't have the strength to realize it until now.
- Austraeoh, "Book"

The Green Scrapbook (it has no actual name) was a book given to Rainbow Dash by the Cutie Mark Crusaders at the very beginning of her journey. It has a green cover and contains bright pictures of all of Rainbow's friends from Equestria. It is mainly kept in Luna's Saddlebag.

It was not actually opened until the very end of Austraeoh before the confrontation with Axan. At that time, Rainbow then gives it to Ember. Through unknown means, it somehow ends up back in Luna's saddlebag in early Eljunbyro. Belle then carried it through Blue Nova during Innavedr, and it was rarely mentioned afterwards. Just before Rainbow left to cross the Grand Choke, she presses the book back into Belle's hooves, telling her to “Always hold on.”

The book itself has been symbolic of Dash running away from her past, reliving it, and finally accepting it and letting go. While originally she was too overcome with emotion to even look at its cover, she eventually learns how to move on, and find love again, and cherish the things that she realizes she still has, living up to her final words to Belle and Pilate: “Thinking is stupid.  Just live... live and feel.”[1]

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