“We weren't always the vermin of this plane, y'know! Somewhere... someplace... there exists texts... records that speak of our history... our prehistory.” He took a deep breath. “We once lived in a place where everything you touched and saw was more precious than silver. At some point, it was taken away from us, and we've lived in want of something better... something greater ever since.”
- Yaerfaerda, "Alliance of Imps and Non Imps"

Goblins, also called imps, are a short bipedal species with two arms and two legs. Because they have hands, they have an advantage in mechanical matters and are seen to use airships and ground vehicles such as tanks.

They are portrayed as savage and cowardly, similar to standard images of goblins in fantasy literature, and shown to be willing to enslave other races and even their own kind. Roarke, however, seems to think they can be redeemed.

The author seems to use the words "goblin" and "imp" interchangeably, sometimes in consecutive sentences, and goblins themselves seem to use both words too.

The Southern Cartel is a notable goblin faction led by Haman during the events of Yaerfaerda. It is also generally assumed that goblins inhabit the dark side of the world.

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