Frostknife is the location of the Council chamber in Rohbredden, and the seat of power of Verlaxion.

Utaan 10 dump "A Strange Threat Called 'Harmony'"

Before them stretched the mouth of an enormous fjord.  It was more like a canal—in that it looked positively unnatural.  Nevertheless, very real cliffs loomed three hundred to four hundred feet above very real waters.  The rockfaces were cold slabs of frost-laden granite, with ice that gave the walls a pale blue sheen in the overcast daylight.  The narrow inlet opened at the southern edge of the Rohbredden continent and sliced its way north in a near-perfect geometric wedge.  At its widest, the tall icy walls loomed three hundred feet from one another, then gradually closed together—very gradually—over the course of miles.

This was Frostknife, and it wasn't an empty place—not by any means.  Steamships, merchant vessels, and fishing skiffs filled the intensely voluminous harbor.  Docks—many of them ancient in construction—lined the west and east edges of the inlet.  Over the course of centuries, immeasurably tall and complex lattices of wood and iron had been hammered into the tall cliff-faces.  Some loomed so high up above the waters that they required huge iron struts hammered into the walls at forty-five degrees to support the looming platforms.  Gigantic cranes and pulley systems lifted cargo and supplies from the lower docks to the upper spires.  At the upper heights, lengthy ramps and stairs scaled the walls, leading to dwellings built on the continental shelf high above the cold, cold waters of Frostknife.  There—high above the bustling harbors—humble turf houses and stave sanctuaries lingered.

It is about 1/4 of the length of the continent (utaan 67)

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