"Before her eyes, a majestic series of marble steps and concrete platforms extended into an unfathomably large waterfall stretched before infinite starlight. A grandiose palace bravely stood against the face of oblivion."
- Eljunbyro ch. 125

The Edge of the World, called by some the "Edge of Everything", is the inevitable boundary which divides the light and dark side. The thresholds between the two sides is known to be a place of great cosmic interference, presumably because of the "friction" with the ether as the world spins. This friction is described as being stronger on the north and south edges, which necessitates Rainbow journeying east in order to cross it.

In a "flashback chapter" near the beginning of Utaan, the young alicorn Whitemane visits the edge of the world, where the alicorns have built temples and a sort of "dock" for a device that will carry ponies over the edge to Darkreach, a corresponding dock on the dark side.[1]

  1. Utaan ch. 2

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