"I had seen life west of the falls. I had seen the warmth and the riches that this world had to offer. No longer did I want to dwell in a poisoned place. My biggest mistake was thinking that I could bring others with me."
- Ynanhluutr, "Bleak's Plummet, Where the Shadows Lie"

Echo is a Sarosian. He talks salty, smokes green cigars, and is addicted to coral. He is also a friend of Theanim Mane, though their relationship is long and complicated. His true name is Ryckmun.

He was born in Bleak's Plummet, where he was exposed to stories about the western Continent and what it had to offer over the inhospitable Sarosian land. He proposed the idea to leave Bleak's Plummet and settle elsewhere, but for this he was labeled a traitor and cast out. His wings were broken and he was dumped into the ocean, where he was picked up by a Continential ship. Since then, he has drifted from place to place, always wanting to be left alone, and holding no loyalties to his family or his race.

He joins the party after Theanim locates him in Rust to use his knowledge of the underworld to their advantage. He is then used as bait to help infiltrate and sabotage the Rust Syndicate. After his testimony helped to condemn the Syndicate in both Rust and Shoggoth, his past caught up with him and he was arranged to be sent to prison in Rohbredden, though Theanim did his best to clear him of his charges.

He got out of prison (how?) and later joined the Herald traveling east with Rainbow. When they arrived at Blue's Ranch, he took a liking to Nicole and convinced her to leave with them. When the group reached Bleak's Plummet, he was initially hesitant to make himself visible, but Xarchellus eventually restored his honor. He and Nicole decided they could not make it to the dark side, and instead joined Bleak's Plummet on its westward migration to go and start a new life.

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