“You will make it, Rainbow Dash. If there's anypony who's ever lived, you are the one soul to make the impossible happen. Floydien believed in you, and so do I. You will reach grand places... and pierce beyond.”
- Yaerfaerda ch. 162

Arcanista, known widely as the Duchess of Sehlp, is an elk belonging to the Val Roan nobility and sister to Floydien. She lives in Sehlp Manor in the town of Bountiful. She was first seen wearing a gown with purple silk tresses that trail slightly behind her hooves. During the events surrounding Queen Chrysalis's plot to take over Val Roa, she served as an ally to the Jury, and accomplished such tasks as sneaking the party into Val Roa, advising 'princess' Kera, and helping to expose the plots of Saikano, Fishberry, and Sharp Quill to the Council. After the events of Yaerfaerda, she returns to Bountiful to continue governing, as well as managing the large exodus of zebras her town is now providing for.

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