“It represents our trust, our respect, and our everlasting exaltation,” Lunarius said. “Wherever you may happen to go, whatever you may happen to do, you shall forever and always be an honorary citizen of Val Roa's topmost Elite.”
- Yaerfaerda ch. 162

The Dagger of Evo is a ceremonial dagger given to Rainbow Dash as the highest possible honor from King Lunarius and Queen Azira. It is the eighth out a total of nine of its kind in existence.

The blade is gold-colored, notched, emblazoned with antler motifs, and studded with tiny bronze spheres. It is kept in a small silver sheath which bears the Val Roan royal crest.

It was used to convince Sinrar of the authenticity of Rainbow's claim that she flew from the west sea over the Grand Choke.

Rainbow Dash lost the dagger in the struggle following her forceful tearing down of the sacred Reed at the end of Ynanhluutr.

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