"It's all rather simple 'Austraeoh.' Hatred is just a very passionate form of love."
- Odrsjot, "A Most Perfect Dawn"

Chrysalis is the queen of the changeling swarm on this side of the world. She has a sister named Tchern who commands her own hive on the dark side of the world.

Technically, her first appearance in the story was when she was in the form of Lasairfion during most of Odrsjot. In the climatic battle at Seclorum's Camp, Rainbow Dash confronted Lasairfion on the deck of the Lightning Bearer, only for her to transform back to her natural self, blast Rainbow with her horn, and fly away.

In Stratopolis Edit

She made some threats and then appeared as a giant floating melded-changeling head crafted into her likeness so she could try and kill Rainbow Dash, but her drones instead turned on her when they decided to feed on love rather than misery. She monologued her plans in Val Roa beforehand, so the Noble Jury knew where to find her next.

In Val Roa Edit

Chrysalis had actually split her physical self into 3 bodies, each one being a special, independent sort of changeling with enhanced telepathic powers. The three pieces became the imposters for Sharp Quill, Fishberry, and Saikano in the leadership of Val Roa. They remained in constant contact with each other over a telepathic link. Saikano took over control over the nation's Soul Sentries by this same link. When Rainbow's plan to trap her succeeded and Saikano physically touched the other two, they lost their forms and melded back into Chrysalis' natural shape. She then immediately tried to escape, but was confronted by Rainbow and Ebon, who convinced her to accept the futility of her purpose. In response, she broke off her own horn, which broke her control over all changelings, and admitted that she would willingly be imprisoned by Lunarius rather than die. Since her "conversion", Ebon has taken it upon himself to guide her towards the path of harmony. After the Battle of Val Roa, she was taken to Ether Point with Ebon and Eagle Eye to watch over her.

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