Chaos Monsters are twisted creatures spawned from the chaotic essence of the universe. Frequently, they are summoned through the use of Chaos Strips. So far in the story they have appeared in Windthrow, in the Sacred Hold, and in Amulek.

The changelings say that at some point Chrysalis found a way to control them, but this was lost when Rainbow broke their connection during the events of Urohringr. This was what threatened the destruction of Amulek at the climax of that book.

Chaos Lords Edit

There is intermittent mention of "chaos lords" throughout the story as well, which seems to refer to a different class of beasts. Discord was among the most powerful in this category. Nevlamas says this about them:

"And yet, since the Sundering, the predators of malice, the chaos lords, have sought to shatter the bridge between harmony and eternal silence.  They are selfish, wicked souls.  Born from nothing and capable of everything.  Ravenous demons, agents of cacophony.  They rape and defile the broken pieces of the song, simply because they can.  Their blood is the very essence of chaos.  They know no love or peace."[1]

  1. Odrsjot, ch. 83

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