"I don't understand faith. I only understand power"
- Utaan, "Things Sent to the Void"

Brye Chandler is a magistrate who makes a living by pestering the Council of Verlaxion and controlling the banks. He represents the Prefecture of the Western Shoreline. Longaze is his right-hoof mare.

The Magistrate Edit

He is heavily invested (owner?) in the Shoreline Trade Consortium, and as such he has a history of shady deals with both Jeryn and Revan of the Syndicate. He is seeking to become the Grand Magistrate of the council, and has orchestrated a variety of criminal acts to achieve it.

During the events of Utaan, he was determined to capture the "Rainbow Rogue" as a way of gaining favor with the people and to eventually become chief magistrate. To do so, he perpetuated the mythos of her being a most wanted criminal, and put a huge bounty out for her. However, he never intended to pay the bounty out, as he worked underhandedly with Skagra and Monket to capture Rainbow discreetly and thus be everyone's hero. As part of this plan, he also forcibly relocated the surviving Luminards to Pine Prefecture after using them as an object lesson to demonstrate Rainbow's malice to the Council.

All of these plans eventually failed. Skagra double-crossed him. Longaze was unable to apprehend Rainbow. Theanim worked tirelessly with Sonikah and the others to keep them alive and to discern the truth of what happened in the Quade. Chandler's plots became more desperate until one of his meetings with Skagra was witnessed by Theanim and Keris, who apprehended him and brought him back to the Council.

The Minister of Defense Edit

His criminal trial, or whatever might have happened, was cut short when Verlaxion's Frost Vessel spoke directly to the council, personally forgiving Chandler's misdeeds and appointing him as special Minister of Defense. With this new title, he rallied the entire Rohbredden army to chase Rainbow, who was now traveling with the Herald towards Starkiss, and intercepted them. He also ordered the complete destruction of Wyvern Point, labeling them unequivocally as traitors to the continent. It quickly becomes obvious that he is a prideful buffoon with neither foresight nor knowledge of tactics, but his leadership remains unquestioned.

When Rainbow returned later and announced she had "killed" Verlaxion, Chandler again organized the entire army to pursue her, though their initial departure was delayed by the Windigo attacks. With him he brought Seraphimus and the rest of the Talon. Together they pursued the Herald all the way to the edge of the world, commandeering three private ships in the process.

During the final showdown at the edge of the world, his forces were quickly overwhelmed and scattered by the Sarosians' attacks, but he stubbornly pushed forward towards the Stardust. He and his bodyguards fought with Bard and several Sarosians, fatally wounding Bard in the exchange. Chandler and everypony else nearby were all killed by Bard's final act of detonating the moonrock charges in the cargo hold.

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